Divine Legions Beyond Psyche


CD in DVD sized Digipack (Tumor CD 32) - MALIGNANT

With their fifth full length CD, Finland's Strom.ec continue to further explore the far regions of power electronics, challenging the confines and stretching the boundary of the genre, sculpting new and innovative creations that are uniquely their own.
Having been under construction for over seven years , Divine Legions shows
Strom.ec with a majestic control of their craft, offering 8 tracks (including one 21 minute epic to close the CD out!) of powerful and explosive industrial music, full of volatile frequencies, brain bending, enigmatic atmospheres, hallucinatory noise, and the trademark vocal assault that few acts can rival.
Comes in a luxurious 8-panel DVD Digipak, designed by Jerome Nougaillon.

1 Helvetin Esikartano 7:12
2 Security Council 8:50
3 VALIS 5:11
4 Treatment Protocol 5:36
5 Pulsating Cranium 6:24
6 Divine Legions Beyond Psyche Part 1 5:17
7 Divine Legions Beyond Psyche Part 2 3:12
8 Vitaalinen Olomuoto 21:07

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