Treue Vaterland Jugend


Mini CD Digifile (Angriff Nr. 34 ) - DER ANGRIFF

Svalbard is a promising newcomer from Belarus, which is known to the audience due to its successful performances on Crivia Aeterna festivals in Minsk, where they shared the scene with such internationally acclaimed acts like Moon Far Away, Pragnavit and Ritual Front.
The music of Svalbard is a mixture of electronic military-pop and acoustic neofolk with some neoclassical elements and historical samples.
Unlike many of todays act on martial scene, this project is not just a clone of its successful cult predecessors, it has its own unique face, combining great enthusiasm with strong ability to compose catchy melodies, which are destined to be popular hits on the scene.
The debut MCD "Treue Vaterland Jugend" is about the struggle as an imminent component of life, the life that is consolidated with suffering and hope, when every moment given by Eternity is to be used to return to the roots.
The release comes in a deluxe full-colour vinyl-like embossed cardboard cover with printed inner sleeve and partial UV-laquering.

1 Weltenfremdung (2:39)
2 Ewigkeit (4:02)
3 Nicht Mehr Schande (4:44)
4 The Song For My Land (3:53)
5 Verzweiflung (5:33)
6 Das Schicksal (4:02)

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