Yer Su


CD Digipack (Ahnstern 34) - AHNSTERN / STEINKLANG

"Yer Su" is the 5th full length bulgarian folklore avantgarde doctrine and the 3rd release under the banner of the bearer of european heritage Ahnstern.
Svarrogh (Dimo Dimov) presents here a very complex post folk experience, trully dedicated to the holy earth-water Yer Su from the mystic and ancient bulgarian pantheon of Tangra - nonetheless it also shows the symbiotic allegiance to slavic mythology and european culture from the depths of the Pamir mountains and meadows through the slavic steppes up to the Balkan realms.
Traditional bulgarian instruments like Gaida (bagpipe), Gadulka (balkan viola), Tamboura (big mandoline), Kaval (balkan shepherd flute), Ocarina, Clarinet, vocals in bulgarian, italian, english, lithuanian, Guitars and Drums arranged to a balkan post folk and avantgarde dark folk adventure with ambient drones, elements of Industrial & Black Metal and traditional compositions.
Featuring very special guests like Kostas (Defile des Ames), Marcel P. (Allerseelen), Valentina (Der Feuerkreiner), Michael Z. (Negura Bunget) and Gyte Tamosiunate.
All songs lead eachother through the central theme with snowsteps interludes recorded on the Hochries Mountain in Upper Bavaria and with a ritual lithuanian evocation.
An album for the sparkling water which flows through europe, an album for the warm black earth, which lays a quilt over the ones, who stand strong through the fall of time, seen by the silvery eyes of the sky Tangra.
Wake up sky - wake up stone - wake up earth - wake up water!
I will be sky then - I will be stone then - I will be earth then - I will be water then!

1 It's Getting Murk (5:58)
2 The Old Mill (9:53)
3 Holy Water, Earth (5:46)
4 Stone (8:25)
5 Wine Of The Late Winter (5:30)
6 A Quilt Of Black Earth (6:08)
7 The Last Pine Tree (7:34)
8 Samodiva (6:02)
9 I Call You From The Mountain (4:02)
10 Water Sounds, Overcomes (5:09)
11 Eternal Flame (4:22)
12 A Beech In August (6:39)

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