Taste of Triumph


CD Digipak (SK138) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 100 copies

Jupiter Reclaims His Throne.
Horns sound and the timpani rumbles.
Nascence of the Imperium.
“Taste of Triumph” is an ambient, percussive, Neo-classical ode to the Old Gods who perpetuate the cycle of history.
Written and recorded in 2020 to explore the drama of a time and empire that continues to shape the world and foretell the zenith and nadir of civilization.
Celebrate beauty and venerate love.
Cherish the battle and welcome death.

1  Rubicon
2  World Destroyer
3  Hadrian's Wall
4  Fields Of Mourning
5  The Sacrifice
6  Taste Of Triumph
7  The Path To Hades
8  Divus Iulius
9  Mons Badonicus
10  Jupiter Calls
11  Rise
12  Imperator
13  Endless March

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