Confesso Tutto! ... e non vivo più


CD-R Folder (ts 0010) - TEATRO SATANICO

Limited Edition 33 copies

This disc contains 4 live-recorded versions of the cult track "Confesso Tutto!" first released in 1993.
Since Teatro Satanico will not perform this peculiar track in their live-gigs anymore, this is clearly the last chance you got for hearing how this 1993 old track sounded when it was played live by Teatro Satanico thorughout the past years.

Limited edition of 33 copies.

01. CONFESSO TUTTO! live @ New Magazine disco pub, Massafra (Taranto), Jan 02 2013
02. CONFESSO TUTTO! live @ TNT club, Milano, May 27 2011
03. CONFESSO TUTTO! live @ Case del Vento, Russi (Ravenna), Nov 11 2011
04. CONFESSO TUTTO! live @ Closer disco club, Roma, Jan 07 2012
Total running time 42:00 minutes

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