Beloe: Hunting For Fierce Beasts


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THEODOR BASTARD is one of the most successful contemporary Russian music collectives. The history of the band goes from the late 1990’s.
The band works between genres that can be defined as world music, darkwave and trip-hop. The trademark of the band is the unique voice of Yana Veva and unimprovable sound-producing by Fedor Svolotch.
Yana Veva has a rare vocal timbre and she uses a special vocal technique that refers to Arabic and Indian vocal tradition.
Besides singing in THEODOR BASTARD Yana recorded an album with Stefan Hertrich (Darkseed, Betray my secrets) “Nour” in which all vocals were sung by Yana.
In 2004 the most famous album by THEODOR BASTARD “Pustota” was released by four labels: Fulldozer (Russia), Pandaimonium (Germany), Muzikal Yapim (Turkey), Art records (Mexico).
The official video for the album’s title track created by Kol Belov has got the first place at (one of the world’s biggest flash animation portals) rating with 118 000 viewers and 35 000 at Youtube.
To support the album THEODOR BASTARD went on tour around Russia, Belgium and Germany.
Live performance is the strongest aspect of THEODOR BASTARD, there are six musicians in the band who use plenty of electronic devices and special acoustic instruments like various ethnic percussions, kazu, saz and others.

After that THEODOR BASTARD recorded a new album “Beloe” which has two versions – one is experimental electronic and the other is rhythmic world music.
This disc differs from the other works by this band – concerning aesthetics and sound: most of the compositions are far from the oriental theme, that’s been typical for the band, and from the “dark” direction often attributed to the musicians.
“Beloe” (in Russian it means ‘whiteness’) is about the inner purification – struggle with demons existing in all of us.
The album is in Russian and filled with Russian folk motives.

Tracklist :
1 From The Cold To The Heat 6:28
2 Aruah 5:25
3 The Dead Are Near There 4:09
4 I'll Live 5:08
5 Cone Clean 5:34
6 Love This Pain 4:45
7 I'm Leaving (Like On Waves) 3:41
8 Hunting For Fierce Beasts 3:35
9 Beloe 4:43
10 Epilogue 1:54

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