The Laughing Torso


CD Digipack (FM10) - FINAL MUZIK

Obscure, isolationist (post) industrial soundscapes: in Testing Vault's music, love is hidden by painful moods and by a breathless atmosphere of pure fear.
File under: early Coil, Virgin Prunes' “A New Form Of Beauty”, Rozz Williams' experimental music projects, Italian cult industrial / ritual band Rosemary's Baby.
“The Laughing Torso” features moody trumpet extravaganza by DBPIT and vocals by artist Val Denham.
Angst industrial ...?

1 Mouth On Chevrolette 3:19
2 The Shit Exorcism 2:20
3 How Find The Hands 5:55
4 Tombstone Part One 7:24
5 Sexasperate 5:02
6 Out From My House 4:59
7 Tombstone Part Two 3:58
8 Untitled 0:13
9 Untitled 5:16

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