World As Will II


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The World As Will collaborations between composers Tetsuo Furudate and Zbigniew Karkowski reflect their mutual adherence to the principles of the 19th Century thinker Arthur Schopenhauer, who had demonstrated a necessarily pessimistic philosophy within the comprehensive four volume set entitled Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung (World As Will).
It is the opinion of Furudate and Karkowski that "Will keeps creating the World and History, Will creates human Tragedies, causes Chaos and is the primary source of Creation."

Furudate and Karkowski have forged a collaborative sound that builds upon these principles, highlighting that their synchronized wills can unleash an infernal majesty through the cruel manifestation of electronic sound.
Drawing also from the acknowledgement of Schopenhauser's influence upon Richard Wagner's vigorous operas, Furudate and Karkowski have centered World As Will 2 almost exclusively upon samples of Karkowski's little heard orchestral work and Wagner's masterful Götterdammerung.
Augmented through the crucible of digital processing, these electronic samples of vivid polyphony found in the masculine crescendos of orchestral sound take a violent turn towards the realms of militant noise.
World As Will 2 results in an unrelenting soundtrack of expressive power and will, shaped within arenas of sound.

1 Part 1 (24:19)
2 Part 2 (29:00)

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