That Space Somewhere



"I haven't made Lull records since 2007 so... with this pandemic, I have time on my hands.
I've used that time, I think, to the best.
Going to the music-room is pretty much an everyday thing to me.
Which has been the best thing because I’ve not been able to do this since the 90's when I had various studios...
Since the lockdown I had all this time on my hands and I created a lot of good music, which I'm actually happy with.
I'm a fisherman.
It gives me a lot of space.
It gives me immense pleasure.
For me it's about going to the river.
I like moving water.
The seasons change, the river changes with the seasons.
It clears my mind, gives me ideas, gives me the space to be by myself and with nature...
just listening to the sounds around me".

"LULL is quite natural for me. It's an extension of me.
Drifting, just going to darkness into a space.
LULL is drifting and droning, discovering more and more what can be done with sound.
These soundscapes hugely appeal to me".
*** Mick Harris interview August 2020, courtesy of Peek-A-Boo Magazine.

1. Range (15:22)
2. Expanse (16:17)
3. Unplumbed (16:25)
4. Way (10:46)
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