The House of thr Lordh


LP (act104) - ANT-ZEN

Limited Edition 601 copies

Rare album dated 2000 - Cover and disc in perfect mint conditions!
"Used item" from OEC personal collection!

Ah Cama-Sotz creates music that is not quite ambient, and it never reaches the monotony and simplicity of most ambient acts; the sounds are always intriguing and incredibly dense atmosphere is what makes it possible to instantly recognize the band and his "Industrial" sound.
Every single music element together with packaging creates an exquisite and very carefully crafted atmosphere.
The sound intensity is building up slowly and before you notice, you are trapped, following all intricate changes, suddenly finding yourself in the dark fighting with nightmarish images created by the music.

Limited edition of 601 copies.
Comes in a structured-cardboard sleeve with two stickers on it plus an extra clear protective sleeve with a third sticker on it.

A1  God Is Deadh 7:06
A2  The Gathering 5:21
A3  Crucifixion Of The Flesh 4:43
A4  Bleeding Crosses 4:08
B1  Prophetic Vision 15:39
B2  I:Believe 5:50

This is rare!
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