The Radiant Sea


CD Digipak (WIN 013) - WINTER LIGHT

Limited Edition 300 copies

Bridge To Imla is the German duo of Hans-Dieter Schmidt and Michael Brückner.
The origins of the album go back to August 2013, when Michael Brückner produced a dark ambient track called "All The Weight Of The Sun" for a compilation by Jack Hertz' label Aural Films called "Fukushima Drones" that dealt with the (then recent) nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.
Expanding on the original theme of ecological concern, the album is both a contemplation about the current pollution of the Pacific ocean - not only caused by the Fukushima disaster, but by human influence in general - and is also a praise of the beauty of our planet's biggest ocean...
The album is a rich woven tapestry of dark ambient soundscapes and deep electronics mixed with more traditional instruments.
It will pull you across the vast stretches of the mighty Pacific Ocean, dragging you down to it's murky depths and across it's vast plains before depositing you in to the deep trenches and ridges that lurk there.
Polluted by radiation and man's indifference to nature, 'The Radiant Sea' continues in its struggle to restore the balance and maintain its beauty and dignity.
Album was mastered by Robert Rich.

1 Prologue: The Kuroshio Current 6:40
2 Tsushima Basin 3:56
3 Shatsky Rise 5:10
4 The Aleutian Current 3:16
5 Hikurangi Plateau 3:05
6 Mariana Trench 4:52
7 Louisville Ridge 4:47
8 The California Current 1:35
9 Richards Deep 7:14
10 Raukumara Plain 7:19
11 Emerald Fracture Zone 6:43
12 Fobos-Grunt 4:13
13 The Humboldt Current 5:24
14 Galathea Depth 5:23
15 Epilogue: Ring of Fire 4:24

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