Valentine (Lost) Forever


CD Jewel Box (HCB - 023) - HCB RECORDS

Valentine (Lost) Forever is a hallucinogenic musical intersection where barbed words alter into shady mantras over a mesh of krautrock-inspired drones and cascading guitar strums collide with an oblique tamboura and foggy electronics, catching Theme exploring their environment with renewed vigor and nothing but questions left: Either open-ended or vying for interpretation.

With an additional remix by Steven Severin (Siouxsie & the Banshees) this genuine album functions as an apocalyptic sound mirage that recalls the experimental and post industrial works of :Zoviet*France and Coil, as well as the occult-like numbness of Current 93, the bleak avant-electronica of Andrew Liles and the psychedelic drones furrowed by the group's own previous work in both Splintered and Theme.
In that sense, Valentine (Lost) Forever is a definite masterpiece in the ever-evolving legacy of the U.K. industrial scene.
And if this is the end, then it's time to burn the truth.

1. Valentine (Lost) Forever
2. Point of Everything
3. An Answer to All Life
4. Time Always Wins
5. Burn the Truth
6. A World Away
7. Burn: Redux (Steven Severin remix)

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