This Savaging Disaster [Special Coloured Edition]



Limited Edition 100 copies

Special edition on Clear-White & Red Vinyl - Limited to 100 copies

"This Savaging Disaster" is album number thirteen in the long history of the Roman band.
The title is inspired by a James Ellroy quote, in turn borrowed from WH Auden, "this storm, thissavaging disaster."
A brutal act of resignation that looms in times of uncertainty, wars, pandemics, private hells.
Stylistically it is the umpteenth step forward in the sound research of a band that has longdeveloped a distinctive sound, anchored between noir jazz, dark ambient and electronic, butwhich at each new release is able to renew itself and show new nuances.
“Dark jazz is just anempty genre that you can fill up with your touch and your own inspiration”, mark out themembers of Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte.

A1 Dust Is Your Empty Road 3:20
A2 This Savaging Disaster 4:10
A3 Conquistadores 5:01
A4 Bright Eyes 3:08
A5 Blue Dream 4:10
B1 ...And I Love You Anyway 6:35
B2 Love Me Like a Black Mass 4:42
B3 This Storm 7:19

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