In Sweet Sorrow

THREAD [Jarboe]

Mini CD Jewel Box (SEX000011) - SWNSORY EXPANSION

Thread is James Izzo plus vocals performed by Jarboe.
James Izzo is a solo electronic musician known for his music as Thread and The Boy Without Hands as well as for 'recreations' of tracks by Coil, Meat Beat Manifesto, Pan Sonic and Autechre ...
The title track and several of the ensuing re-mixes feature the vocals of Jarboe, solo artist and former member of SWANS.
Drifting washes of ambiance, quiet synth melodies and gentle bits of percussion meld perfectly with Jarboe's doubled up vocals.
A very intriguing work!
Rare album.

1 In Sweet Sorrow Vocals – Jarboe 6:31
2 A Sweeter Sorrow 6:16
3 In Sweet Sorrow [Arte.fa(t Mix)] Vocals – Jarboe 7:48
4 Sorrowgazer 4:43
5 In Sweet Sorrow [CazzoDio Mix] Vocals – Jarboe 5:05
6 Rain 6:31

This is rare!
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