Untitled (1993)


CD Slim Jewel-Case (STCD 037) - STAALPLAAT

Five live tracks performed in different places at different times through 1993.
Usual Lopez minimal ambient sounds...

CD comes with no inside covers and ultra-minimal:
album title is silk-screened on Jewel-case while song titles are printed on CD label.

6 Live At E'Space, San Francisco, 8/22/93 Featuring – Michael Gendreau 17:05
7 Live At Highland Grounds, Louisville, 7/17/93 Featuring – Zan Hoffman 6:06
8 Live At Gargoyle Mechanique, New York City, 7/9/93 Featuring – Gen Ken Montgomery, John Hudak 9:17
9 Live At High Time Tea Barrand, Austin, 7/25/93 Featuring – Michael Northam 9:12
10 Live At Outpost, Albuquerque, 8/6/93 Featuring – Steve Peters 15:35

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