Premonition 9/11 [First Edition]


7" Vinyl (DR-58) - DRONE

URE THRALL is an american artist, also known for beeing a ASIA NOVA, and apering as guest on VOICE OF EYE as well as S.Q.E. albums.
creates most impressive soundscapish depth-drones with an incredible emotional quality, harmony & sadness melting together into beautiful aural visions.

This is his first vinyl-release as URE THRALL, contains two long tracks with an organic, filmic & sublime quality, using echo-flutes, bass, e-bowed guitar & restrained percussion underneath.

THE TRAVELER with all its majestic harmony seems to be like an endless travel through emotional fields of melancholia, expressing the endless search for something once known which is lost forever and you can’t even remember what is was, but you feel that you need it back existentially.
Perfect music for endless drives on highways (both physically and spiritually) ...
The title track PREMONITION 9/11 is less relaxed and more of a threatening quality, using faster percussion and strange bass-patterns with oriental sounding flutes & swirling sound-effects.
This track also uses field-recordings from the tragical events happened on 11. Sept. 2001 in NYC and must be also seen as a treatment of traumatic experiences.

Red vinyl with black and blue prickles.

A Premonition 9/11 (8:22)
B The Traveler (8:12)

This is rare!
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