Un Chien Catalan


CD Jewel Box (WSNS 1994 001 CD ) - WSNS

The musicality of UN CHIEN CATALAN is a meeting in Hell between Jimi Hendrix, Philip Glass, and Stockhausen.
It's almost 70 minutes long, and all you can hear is the howling of a Harley, with telluric turbulence and feedback.
Recorded on the same spot where L'age d'or was filmed by Bunuel & Dali.
Zeus Valls taped everything with with the help of a modest walkman sitting behind Eliseu on the motorbike.

"There is no rational explanation for making UN CHIEN CATALAN, or why the title and the tracks are writen in French.
But, we opened all doors to the irrational without trying to explain why.
I approached this work more like a literary work, than a recording for a CD.
You have to throw yourself deep inside each one of the seven writen title chants to perceive the whole metaphysical compulsion of UN CHIEN CATALAN.
The connection with UN CHIEN ANDALOU is very obvious.
Both works have connotations of brutal eroticism.
It's all about adolescence and violent death.
UN CHIEN CATALAN is not a romantic record at all, but a death trip.
A date marked with blood."

Tracklist :
01 Chant Premier 10:11
02 Chant Deuxième 10:15
03 Chant Troisième 9:49
04 Chant Quatrième 9:08
05 Chant Cinquième 8:14
06 Chant Sixième 9:01
07 Chant Septième 8:25

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