Macrocephalous Compost I

Various Artists


Re-edition into digital format of the full "Macrocephalous Compost" video series !
The 3 parts of this series was and still are a big visual document on the Industrial and
Neo-Folk scene of the 90es ....
Many very professional studio clips as well as many live videos ....

Featuring exclusive clips by :
- Archon Satani
- Smell & Quim
- Inzekt
- C.C.C.C.
- Oral Constitution
- Maeror Tri
- Eb.Er (Runzelstirn & Gurgleststok)
- Inanna
- Con-Dom
- Genocide Organ
- S. Biasin and Lvnvs
- K.D.N.R.
- The Haters

Professionaly printed DVD housed in DVD-Box
All Zones DVD.

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