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10" Vinyl (oc302) - OCTROI RECORDS

This is the second release on Octroi Records, a compilation featuring 3 artists, and 3 different takes on folk music: while the songs of British musician and performer NATHANIEL ROBIN MANN have a 70s acid-folk flavour, SWESOR BHRATER (featuring members of AGE) are definitely more neofolk-orientated and with SHINY BLACK MATER Alaxis Andreas G. delivers his unique brand of electronic/Third Wave folk.
As always, an inspired and beautifully presented record.

Tracklist :
A1 - The hornblower
A2 - Died for the king
A3 - Death to the will of time
B1 - Mother
B2 - 4 c/p
B3 - Intrepid E
B4 - Kiss me

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