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CD Sleevecard (NN # 16) - NERVOUS NURSE

Nervous Nurse is nothing else than a noise label and this is their first release : a compilation with 16 noise projects !
Sixteen times noise = a massive headache? Of course it is to the uninitiated, but the overall quality is quite high !
Good recording quality, but foremost also good performances by these bands, with surprising looks to the genre noise.
There is of course feedback and distortion, but also the intelligent use of rhythm, processing of field recordings and digital manipulations.
If you want to investigate more about noise new directions, then this is the place to start from !

01 Zyrtax Rage 13
02 Chefkirk 72203309
03 Antracot Electronic Outburst Pt. 2
04 Monobrain Me Ego Zit Vast In Me Uitlaat
05 Plated Steel New Years Day !!!
06 Lasse Marhaug Soft Shell Crab
07 Fever Spoor Anyone Who Prays In Space Is Not There
08 André Hardang Borgen Pesting 2
09 Kobi To Resist The Dying Light
10 Vincenzo Bossi Synthetic Coffee
11 Xedh Featuring Lila Floss - Caracter Residual
12 Gelsomina vs. Flutwacht Untitled
13 Filthy Turd Dirty Women
14 C.R.E.T.A. Flames
15 Monokontrast Nervous Psychiatrist
16 Valvula Antirretorno Cirugia Estética

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