Revealed By Composed Nature



Album dated 1990
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Vidna Obmana (Dirk Serries) recorded Revealed By Composed Nature in 1989 / 1990.
It was his first vinyl album, intended as a sequel to his cassette releases.
Through a unique process, Serries creates synchronized loops through the internal sequences of the instruments.
The shifting timbres and vast atmospheres convey feelings of loneliness and despair.
There are no dark moments, but this is very somber and meditative minimalism.
It is an important disc for fans of electronic minimalism.

A1  With Shattering Silence
A2  Out From The Garden Reminded
A3  Unfold Gradient
A4  Still Wandering

B1  Until The Glowering Space 1
B2  Forever Upon The Wave  (Electronics & Tapes by PBK)
B3  Until The Glowering Space 2
B4  By The Unknown Evening

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