The Portland Improvisations



In August of 2009, Soriah invited Voice of Eye to play for his Atlan CD release party in Portland, Oregon, USA.
In the anxious hours before a show what does Voice of Eye do to unwind and pass the time?
Well, play a little music of course!
Scouring Soriah’s house for instruments, they commandeered some unfamiliar and handmade devices to play with.
The result is The Portland Improvisations, where Voice of Eye are at their most raw and unadorned, without even loops to fill in the space.
Here are three minimalist improvisations that float in dark time haunting the listener with lost landscapes from distant worlds.
While the tracks are minimal, there is an oppressively ominous quality to them.
Perfect for a rainy afternoon on Altair IV.

Also included as a bonus track is “The End of All Things”, the latest studio recording by Voice of Eye about the loss of a hard drive.
Seemingly appropriate for our times, the track lures the listener in and then liquidizes and deconstructs all hope leaving a powerful and ravishing emptiness stripped of embellishment.

1 Improvisation I: Absynthe Dreams In Aspic 16:12
2 Improvisation II: Valles Marineris 12:38
3 Improvisation III: Altair IV 14:00
4 The End Of All Things 13:01

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