REFORMED FACTION [:zoviet*france:]

CD Digipak (ZOHAR 262-2) - ZOHARUM

REFORMED FACTION is a project founded by three ex-members of the original ZOVIET FRANCE line-up: Andy Eardley, Mark Spybey, and Robin Storey.
They debuted with the album “Vota”, originally released under the name Reformed Faction of Soviet France.
Soon after, Andy leaves the group, and the other two continue to work to this day, occasionally performing live and publishing new albums.

1.   We Are Like Angels Falling Down 6:49
2.   Raadio Yan 1:28
3.   Snapper Bird 8:08
4.   Fall Angels Fall 6:01
5.   Blake's Particulars 4:30
6.   Base-Denial 3:09
7.   Reactionaries-Paper Tigers 3:32
8.   The Gideon Bomb 7:42
9.   True To Your Kind 3:30
10.   Tempest Lull 2:40
11.   To Know The Numbing Frost 9:05
12.   We Are Like Fallen Angels 5:42.

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