W.Transmission 1-5


5xCD Box (ZOHAR 256-2 SET) - ZOHARUM

Limited Edition 150 copies

5xCD edition: encased in an outer matt card slipcase, flood-printed on the inside, with each of the 5 albums is presented in its own 6-panel glossy digisleeve.
Limited edition of 150 copies.

The concept of these five albums, their visual and conceptual direction, was exclusively based on the artificial body that is COLUMN ONE.
It was the petrified root of this body that was buried in a pile of plastic, only to grow wondrous blooms from time to time.
In a time when museums still had doors and words were barked into megaphones on the quiet.
The showcase had been open long, the root penetrates other layers of Earth and bestows peace upon collectors of spores and seeds.

Continuum,. Upwards. Across narrow paths and overgrown rocks the calling and creaking loses itself in the treetops.
It seems as if one climbs down into the coves of the forest.
The wooden cathedral.
Each sound lies naked in the silence of the interior, while the outside rushes from far above.
Protected by these walls, servants, masters, and rulers move about their empires, sleepwalking, floating, gnawing and devouring themselves, dragging and circling, tearing and creaking, stomping and buzzing all in one tone.
Weighing tons, their craft lies one forest floor, permeates and moves it, rises with the fluttering stroke of a wing, and sinks back into the ocean now and then large animals drift through these sacred halls.
Kings are they.
Lost in reverie they rumble through the throne room.
Barley audible, a billion legs tick, like clocks.
Crack tiny splinters beneath their feet.

Best Experimental-Industrialism for which Column One are very well known!

  §  W.Transmission 1
A M:-M:-
C Schilderung
R Contact
T Alloy
X New-Re-Generation II
D Through
E -G-
F Propaganda I
O [1984]

  §  W.Transmission 2 / The Plane And The First Movement
1 Part One
2 Part Two
3 Part Three
4 Part Four

  §  W.Transmission 3 / Religious Tools
1 Part One
2 Part Two
3 Part Three

  §  W.Transmission 4 / Reworked Transmission
1 Part One
2 Part Two
3 Part Three

  §  W.Transmission 5 / Continuum
1 Continuum Part One
2 Continuum Part Two
3 Continuum Part Three

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