Watcher of the Skies



Limited Edition 250 copies

Imagine yourself in a distant cabin, surrounded by cold wilderness.
Power lines are splitting the landscapes like electronic highways, loudly buzzing and crackling in the air.
Soon blizzard is roaming outside, freezing winds hammering the window shields and clattering the loose roofing.
Cold trying to push it's way through narrow openings of the wall into the warmth of the cabin.
Snow storm is blocking the view from the window, starting to slowly resemble static noise from the analogue TV.
Kettle is whistling for boiling water but the sound begins shifting to unusual frequencies.
Without open sky and fixed stars to locate, it feels like the universe is collapsing inside a cabin.
Slowly everything natural is beginning to seem unnatural.
Organic sounds are twisting, voices mangling out of shape, textures frying, nothing seems to be what it is.
Electromagnetic interference hum from the radio transmitter is the only grounding factor to reality.
Everything is hidden in details.

Digipak - limted to 250 copies

Tracklist: 5 Untitled tracks

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