Will Or Nothing



KUTNA HORA debut CD in 2002.
KUTNA HORA is a Folk project from Argentina.
The album is characterized by an uncanny power density and an interesting development within the individual tracks from. Created in the turmoil of the Argentine economic crisis, these are truly professional production a deep insight into the emotional world of the musicians.

01. Kutna Hora 2:58
02. Hell Is A Place On Earth 6:12
03. Why We Cried 4:33
04. Love 5:15
05. (Everything Have) Two Sides 5:20
06. The Fog 2:47
07. Wildes Heer 3:33
08. Crazy Man Michael 4:31
09. Friend 4:21
10. Oratorium 5:15
11. This Is Disease 3:56
12. A Song From The Highest Tower 7:18
13. San Miguel Arcangel 15:52   (NB: Track 13 contains a hidden track after ~9 minutes of silence)

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