Without Mercy


Music Cassette (NBM72TAPE) - NIL BY MOUTH

“Without Mercy" is a glimpse into what extreme bias and hive mind mentality does to the human psyche.
Zusammenbruch paints a picture for the listener to see via sonic assault.
Textures of white noise, industrial machinery, and heavy synths build the atmosphere while themes of pride, betrayal, hate and cynicism plague the mind.
Man will sacrifice everything for what he believes in.
He will show no mercy towards those who stand in his way.
Just as the wolves hunt their prey, man does the same.
And he will continue to do so in order to get what needs to be done, by any means necessary.

J-card clear case cassette with extra insert.

A1  New Gods 7:25
A2  Nothing Is Sacred 6:48
B1  No Surrender 5:07
B2  Sanguine Offence 6:10
B3  Siege 4:05

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