When the Cold Earth Rests in Silence


CD Digipack (TW 1.93) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

Wolf & Winter’s second album “When the cold Earth rests in silence” is still in the vein of first album’s raw black metal, but moving a step forward into depressive black metal combining ambient strings and bombastic drums from the first pagan metal and using a grimmer repertoire of black metal voices.
This is how it explores the lands which stand in the path for post black metal. Still not post black metal, it uses some elements of this genre to combine the first age of Bathory and Hellhammer with Ulver, Burzum and even Agalloch. To stand in the roots of primitive and raw music is why this second album does not completely moves forward into a more modern concept of black metal, but by this not meaning to get stuck in the past. This way, the music gains more solidness and independence in a genre which has been so done, so constructed, so reconstructed and at last, so repeated.

Tracklist :
1 - Insipid, as mourners over tombs (8:36)
2 - The silent bleeding of our altars (7:43)
3 - The shore of the light (8:55)
4 - From the abyss before creation (7:36)
5 - And they stood up with their wooden faces (2:21)
6 - Grey moorlands of my confinements (7:21)
7 - When the cold Earth rests in silence (8:23)

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