La Volpe du XX Siecle


CD Digifile (OECD 140) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

"Silenzio! Il nemico vi ascolta"

You might be not familiar with that group but you probably are familiar with "Throbbing Gristle" and maybe own the infamous double LP album "Throbbing Gristle / Various – Mission Is Terminated / Nice Tracks", if you do check out cover notes and you will find out that XXCZ is featured with 2 tracks on such a cult album !
Moreover an old XXCZ tape was aslo re-released as picture-disc by Nekofutschata, Novy Svet's own label .....
So i think we can herewith state that this is for sure a "Cult" project of the Italian 80's underground !
And this is the first re-edition of this masterpiece into digital format.

Like Frank Sinatra dancing a tango with Nico ...!?
Broken melodies full of nostalgia, dandy and gigolo fascination, B/W sounds, pre and post world war songs, music for an other era which will probably never come ...
The weltanschauung of XXCZ is simply formidable and incomparable to anybody and anything, a unique experience out of time.
The disc was completely released with a special system called "MonSter" which was never re-used after this production by anybody else:
you can choose to listen to both stereo channels contemporarily (as you usually do with any other standard album) or to listen to one channel per time as different tracks was recorded on both stereo channels.
This system gives you infinite listening solutions just turning the stereo button more to the left or to the right channel …
The very special feeling in this album is his very oblique sensibility, an album to be listened in the morning, as soon as you wake up, when your balance is more delicate.

Album comes packed as a digifile with a series of 11 different cover designs and 11 different CD label prints plus a 16 pages booklet, all arts by Soldato M / Quadreria Romantico Seriale.

XX CENTURY ZORRO was also a founding member of "THE GREAT COMPLOTTO" organisation...


A blue lightning in a vinyl

XXth century fox, sounds of a bilingual name
European languages are blended in to communicate double meanings
XX CENTURY ZORRO - La Volpe du XX siècle - XXth century whore.
changing sounds cross each other, witnesses to the century, to the magnetic era.
They leave behind the blue trace of a shiver that looks in the dark, like a fox. Like a whore, who forces you to have physical contact with a machine that reproduces sound.
It forces you to touch the keys and the knobs on an amplifier, it forces you to look at the speaker and put your headphones on.
A vinyl that you can not help but listen to it twice, a record that’s worth twice what you think.
Sounds that in a few seconds take you from the Tabarin worldliness to a child’s cry of surprise. And to a surprised cry of a ghost in some D’Annunzio nights, in which coats are narcissistically worn by interventional haircuts. Balilla looks and bayonets stabs.

A silent cry at every furrow, an echo that screams "I don’t care", a brave vinyl
XXCZ - VXXS is a bold test of modernism, it’s courage and outrage. It derives from simple usage of furniture and appliances, like the simplicity of using a tape recorder
simple and complex work
when it seems simple it’s actually complex
and when it seems complex it’s actually simple
it rotates from the right to the left without letting you notice it
like a dance in which dancers spin around themselves maintaining their positions yet changing position. The simplicity in which a hint left behind facilitates the daring ones along their path to leave intricate traces

A vinyl fully recorded by ordinary cassette recorders, the same tape recorders present in the XXth century everyday life
They fast forward and they rewind, they play and duplicate sounds and imagines of the century.
The magnetic line is a witness to the era of sound and vision reproduction.

The speed of action in the publication of the product is what matters, even at the quality expense. What matters is to be a blue lightning that dares and provokes with the simplest form of recording.
Microphones and standard compact cassette recorders
a record that through its decorating cover finds its way in among many record collections with the purpose of arising some sort of rebellion, rebellions of Vamp Vampires met in the Tabarins.
Black dressed riots that dwell in the shadows and strike with blue violence.
An irreverent product that infiltrates the world of sound at a time when sound was too intent on improving itself through laser and holophones.
It reveals that one drop of poisoned black vinyl has leaked into the grooves.
This rebellious artefact was born by the use of simple means yet it holds a nocturnal agitation, it’s a provocative and irreverent record with a punk rebellious echo
MMS MonSter System is an invention conceived by Compact Cassette ECHO and XXCZ, born from the need of publishing lots of ideas with little financial resources. The result is this record, which is the longest record in the history of vinyl
it consists of 80 minutes of sounds multiplied by themselves each time you listen to them - on the left channel, on the right channel as well as stereophonically
Monostereophony is an outbreak of sounds that bounce back as echoes from the right speaker to the left speaker and vice versa.

Days later while sniffing the air you decide to pick it up from a hidden corner still not forgetting about the magnetic power of those plastic bags containing La Volpe du XX siècle that makes the blue flash of lightning still striking among the modern paraphernalia utilised for the reproduction of sounds
Sonic Terrorism
a war bulletin warning that you weren’t lost at war
a war bulletin from the backline, from the cellars of the partisans announcing that the sounds of XXCZ will return
the sounds will return with the same soldiers and the same deserters as well as with new recruits

Within a graphic symbol on a serial painting scratching the paper, it announces a form of sonic terrorism
It’s either with us or against us

Let’s rip it from the walls ... that's left is what’s left ....
... from ripped posters pasted on the walls ....
what’s left describes the words that I could not find

if I get close to the trivial partial image that’s left and seeing it photographed again, it describes to me all those unsaid things
inexpression randomly mixed to intuition
I cut and paste. I uncap and contemplate the result of what has materialised
in prepared sounds
when mixed
they provide me with themes that describe the thought
the sound of thought that moves in a muddle
let’s sort out the chaos, let’s mess up the chaos
let’s detach the trivial
the sublime triviality

the magnetism that tapes are holding
compact cassettes that wrap a magnetic thoughts storm
the weapon of thought
invincible thought

if I distort the results
and place everything obliquely
in the randomness
of disassembled sounds
and re-assembled sounds
I find again elements on which I can build new paths

let’s burn down cemeteries, museums, churches and all that mummified and bourgeois culture that stand around us
let’s fill ourselves with fast and electric beauty let’s turn into lightning of pure
blue light
to us!

Essentially hungry for new things, things that are alive and present.
Singing our love of danger,
of audacity and of rebellion,
the quick step, the mortal leap, the slap and the punch, the beauty of speed, the destructive gesture
the overwhelming and inflammatory violence

Taracklist :
I - Left Side <
- zorra
- viveur
- belles phillies
- una notte di d’Annunzio
- my arte
- dayglo gigolò
- éloge du maquillage
- bayonette
- narcisism
I - Right Side >
- zorra
- mondana
- balilla
- jardin turk
- dress
- a la bastille
- taglio interventista
- màgnétìc sàlùtè

II - Left Side <
- ballet du XX siécle
- maestro
- bibliothex phur moderne literatur
- la côte d’azur
- cabiria
- carioca
- vamp vampire meets in the tabarin
- paltò
II - Right SIde >
- il Conte Ragogna
- décoratiphs
- trois mannequins
- hippodrome
- la côte d’azur
- un phantome et les enphants
- au la mort
- il nemico vi ascolta
- l’echo des pheuilletons

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