"YAK" is the collaborative effort, all tracks were recorded in different combinations, as stated in the track titles.
Asmus Tietchens appears as this project director !
Concrete sounds and abstract constructions, endlessly recycled and digitally treated - the new album by Asmus Tietchens, Kouhei Matsunaga and Y-Ton-G is bearing the idea of total remix work.
Following the great tradition of mail-collaborations, this german-japanese trio recorded the new series of experimental music studies.

Asmus Tietchens :
is renowned as the one of most ingenious german composers in electronic music underground.
His first attempts with tape music started in mid 60s, but in 1971 he bought a synthesizer and since then, constantly explores the advantages of electronic sound, never stopping or looking back.
On the 70/80s edge, his music was somehow like weird electro-pop, and then changed to more obscure post-industrial sounding, experiments with classical forms and abstract structures with endless recycling.
Many albums and collaborations were released, in various editions. Inspiring next generations of musicians, Tietchens never was associated with any trends, shared philosophical concepts or involved in any movements.
His albums are just reflecting the atmosphere of studiowork, the appearance of pure musical ideas in the real time frame.
"My music is composed of aesthetic and extraordinary events which make statements for themselves, but there is absolutely no message. For myself the music most definitely has a meaning. I am an adventurer in the studio... my aim is to discover the white dots on the landscape of sound, territories where no others have traveled." (Unsound, 1987)

Kouhei Matsunaga :
grew up In Osaka, Japan, listening to hardcore techno and rap music.
In the mid 90s, Kouhei met Masami Akita (Merzbow) in Kyoto, and they started working on a few projects.
1998 also saw the release of Kouhei's first album “Upside down”, which included appearances of Masonna, Natiho Toyota, and Merzbow.
Since then, he released a number of collaborative and split albums with Merzbow, Niko Scorpio, John Watermann, Anla Courtis, Rudolf Eb.er, Lasse Marhaug, Ralf Wehowski .. He was touring Europe and USA with Carlos Giffoni, Zbigniew Karkowski and John Duncan.
He is also involved in Flying Swimming label and many other ongoing projects.

Wolfgang Neven :
is the german musician, active since 1981 and better known later as Y-Ton-G. He was involved in duo Para-Noise-Terminal, but since 1994 started working solo and also organized the yearly workshop and festival Noise Factory making the doorway for many new german underground projects.
His music is described as sound-alchemy: using a lot of metals, objects, field recordings and electronic gear, he retired himself from the material music sources like rhythm and melody, just concentrated on noise for exploration of human soul and personality. Released some albums on Raum 312 and Stein Sein Productions, he continues to present new works with his own Terminal-Tape-Prod. imprint.

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