Amplified Humans



Marconympha “Amplified Humans” CD was among very first Industrial Recollections CD’s and is the re-issue of a tape first out in 1996.
It was published in times when CD was temporarily somewhat overlooked in scene.
Too small CD edition has made it hard to find over the years, so IR is proud to present digipak repress of the CD.
Macronympha and MSNP has undisputed importance in harsh noise history, yet Amplified Humans has legacy of its own, that can be seen when out of countless tape releases, it often gets named among the very best of Macronympha, and even inspired american noise fest to use it as title for entire festival.
If you do not have Amplified Humans, now it is possible to correct that mistake!

MACRONYMPHA performer for this album were:  Joseph Roemer, Rodger Stella & Tim Oliveira

1.   Fast Circuit 23:14
2.   Slow Grid 23:

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