Aviation Hypnosis


CD Digipak (FA-CD-129) - FREAK ANIMAL

Will Over Matter ”Aviation Hypnosis” CD is the 5th release of this Finnish project on Freak Animal.
Each of the releases has been different from previous.
Aviation Hypnosis approach is minimalist electronic signals and pulses.
No vocals, no samples on ths album.
The spirit of early industrial is present, perhaps influences of early Esplendor Geométrico, MB, and such can be heard throiugh that album.
Only a couple of sound components per song slowly modulating and moving on top of each other.
All common post-production gimmicks like echoes and cinematic mixes are absent as Will Over Matter here focuses on the absolute dry core of electronic signals.

1.  Jet Engine Mysticism
2.  Magnetic Compression
3.  New Era Of Aviation
4.  Permanently Airborne

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