Last Grip To Sanity (2021)



One of the releases that suffered the same chaotic conditions as so many of Grunt releases.
Instead of being properly released, material was scattered all over the place.
First material was meant to be lathe cut 12″ on Australian label back in 2003.
After cancellation of entire label idea, Freak Animal quickly issued small CDR edition to get the material out there.
With regrets of wasting good material on CDR format, there was 110 copies vinyl edition issued in 2005.

All these were quickly sold out, yet “Last Grip To Sanity” has unexpected results.
In mid 00’s, Bizarre Uproar was awaking from couple years of slower activity.
He had desire of updating the sound of BU to direction how “Last Grip To Sanity” sounded like.
While back in early 90’s, Bizarre Uproar had been major influence for Grunt and projects had worked together for many releases.
Now situation was the other way round.
Discussions of gear, methods of recording followed by what some people call the golden era of Bizarre Uproar.
Ripping feedback, shrieking vocal attacks, grinding loop pedal on the bottom and crude metal junk on top, heavy slow drum sounds with eerie feedback on top.
Many things that defined that era of Bizarre Uproar and the spirit of F&V, can be also found from “Last Grip To Sanity” that remains one of the most striking Grunt releases in its stripped down, live in rehearsal room-approach.

Almost 20 years later, “Last Grip To Sanity” is available on real pressed digipak CD.
No remastering. Sound as in original recording!

1.  Realismi 6:42
2.  Madness Strikes 2:52
3.  Anxiety Overdose 3:17
4.  SF 2003 6:39
5.  Last Grip To Sanity Part 1 6:34
6.  Last Grip To Sanity Part 2 3:57
7.  Last Grip To Sanity Part 3 4:07

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