Umbilical Cords


CD Digipack (Seger10) - SEGERHUVA

First solo recordings of Martin Bladh, who also resides in the acclaimed avantgarde group IRM and the more experimental unit SKIN AREA !
This is a highly personal recording, which takes some firm mature steps further into physical essence and digs deep into the walls of the mothers utero with its hypnotic drones and drenching layers of organic sounds from cymbals, stringinstruments, accordion and bass, all treated with great care and respect.
Instrumental throughout, bicephalous in the way of screeching, shuddering sounds and drowsy in opposition.
There is something strangely slippery about the recordings, a frightening, obtuse atmosphere embedded in silk and soft controlled feedback.
Are you in need of fetal life support?
Take a journey through the body and experience the monotony and the pain of birth...

"... art will be reduced to a purgatory of the sensses..."
- Rudolf Schwarzkoegler

1 Cord 1 11:50
2 Cord 2 4:41
3 Cord 3 13:58
4 Cord 4 Appendix: The Screaming Body 5:28

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