To the Wolves ...



The year is 1932 ... maybe ...
Who is Bruno Helden and what does he have in store for his young and wild protege? From where have they come and where are they headed ?
Thomas Nöla's prequel to 2005's "The Doctor" may aim to shed light on these questions.

Starring Dustin T. Rooney (Dustmuffin & the Aluminum Cans/Little Blue Doctors) as the enigmatic and self-serving Bruno Helden and Jerry Adams as a child of nature, "To the Wolves ..." is an orgy of blood, fear and wanderlust.

They span the globe looking for excitement and adventure, taking from others what they please and observing the changing skies. From their island nation home, to the wild far-off woods, they evade the rule of law.
But what happens when they reach Hindustan? What does the Tsar have to say?
Are they gentlemen? Is this evil?
No worries... Gentlemen answer to none!

"To the Wolves..." is a haunting vision glazed in blood red atmosphere.
It's Down by Law meets Natural Born Killers set in the 1930's? 40s?.
Entertaining and evil, Grand-Guignol and poetry, wicked and worth watching"

OEC can offer you the special edition including a bonus disc :
an additional CD containing the Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre score along with the early 20th century hits that make up the complete movie soundtrack .
13 tracks by T. Nola + 11 by other authors including the great "Caruso" ...

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