Cast Iron Hand (Black Vinyl)


10" Vinyl (OEMP 022 - B) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 200 copies

GRUNT is the project of OEC's old Finnic comrade Mikko Aspa (the man behind many other uncompromising Industrial-Noise projects like NICOLE12, CLINIC OF TORTURE, PAIN NAIL, SADIO... and founder of FREAK ANIMAL RECORDS).No need to tell much about the sounds & genere, if you are into GRUNT you know exactly what to expect:
5 uncompromising sonic assoults!

"Cast Iron Hand" will be an exclusive vinyl production limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Such album will never be re-printed, even not on CD and will never be offered as MP3 on bandcamp or similar download platforms (please don't ask!)
Only solid old vinyl for 300 uncompromising Grunt fans:

Black Vinyl version - limited to 200 copies - Copies numbered from 101 to 300

A1. Electric Whip
A2. The Smell Of The Lilies Of The Valley
A3. Cast Iron Hand
B1. Angels
B2. Fire That Would Not Hurt
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