Branden Diven’s Genophobia debut CD.
The sound here is focused and spiraling.
Drilling down vertiginous fields of willful neglect/intentional indifference.
Not in a hurry, nowhere to go anyway.
Music for peering out miniblinds, music for those who hold a grudge.
You can always count on Genophobia to deliver the raw goods… straight to tape, straight to the heart, but here there is a clear focus and a refinement of aesthetic.
Just listen to it, this is the finest statement yet from the project and just a plain old great harsh noise record.
Amazing cover art from P. Vantrigt

1  Wearing Masks 1:51
2  Eye For An Eye 7:43
3  Covert Operation 4:47
4  Supply & Demand 3:22
5  Act Normal 4:41
6  Be My Object 5:22
7  Fuck Like A Star 7:45

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