New Agenda


CD Digipak (FA-CD-150) - FREAK ANIMAL

Freak Animal has been focusing a lot in presenting the very best of the current Finnish noise/power electronics movement.
Plenty of emails are being received from abroad, and most often, almost never this results signing something for a release.
With COV OPS, this was the expectation.
When first track hits the speakers, I felt need to listen more. Second track.. Third track… and so on.
I was convinced I need to release this, even before album was listened till end.
COV OPS rejects the innovations, playfulness and technological advance.
It trusts on sheer violent energy and basic elements of what I would call industrial-noise.
Harshness brings it to realm of noise, yet it clearly belongs to lineage of industrial culture.
New Agenda takes strong opposition to contemporary world and blasts non-stop free form harsh industrial-noise attack in your face.
*** Mikko Aspa

1. .Culture
2.  Gender
3.  Will
4.  Freedom
5.  History
6.  Religion

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