Ossido di Cromo


CD Digipak (SK157) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 150 copies

Collaborative release by 2 Italian Industrial veterans: Adriano Vincenti (Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte, Cronaca Nera, Senketsu No Night Club, plus other project) and Paolo Bandera (Sigillum S, Iugula-Thor, Sshe Retina Stimulants...).

In the truest traditions of the industrial underground, the album borrows, cannibalises and adapts material from others (for example Maurizio Bianchi and Metadrive) to create experimental sounds all their own.
The history of the industrial underground is heavily present in the source material: the oldest recordings are from the mid-80’s.
The result is an album of experimental, challenging and adventurous industrial electronics; a throwback to an era before industrial electronics had fragmented to dozens of smaller niches.
Experimental underground electronics as its purest and finest.
"Chromium Bi-Oxide, a lavish taste of exciting particles: from your ears to your eyes to your mouth to your skin".

Ltd x 150 hand-numbered copies in a 6-panel glossy digipak with 24-page booklet.

1   Ossido 1 - DC (Rituali Di Obbedienza)
2   Ossido 2 - MB (Vox)
3   Ossido 3 - LM
4   Ossido 4 - MD
5   Ossido 5 - OC
6   Ossido 6 - NN
7   Ossido 7 - MT (By Budding)
8   Ossido 8 - LW (The Noise Of Dream)
9   Ossido 9 - SP
10   Ossido 10 - PPZ
11   Ossido 11 - LS
12   Ossido 12 – OSSIDO OSSIDO

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