Shortwave Spectrum


2xCD Ecopak (CSR332CD) - COLD SPRING

The new Sonologyst "sonic documentary" delves into the secretive realm of shortwave transmissions; a chronicle of clandestine shortwave transmissions culled from a span of nearly four decades (1982-2021).
These mysterious transmissions - repetitive voices, signals, sound pulses, short pieces of music - were collated and edited to compose the tracks of the main album.
Immersed in an isolating fog of dark ambient, deep drone music and cinematic sound art, it provides an auditory exploration of the ongoing Cold War.
Originating from covert radio stations engaged in military and espionage endeavours, the tracks unveil a hidden sonic landscape of strategic communication.
The second disc, in its extensive presentation, provides a deeper immersion into these enigmatic broadcasts.
Each recording remains unaltered, accompanied only by a ghostly drone.
It offers an unfiltered glimpse into the world of clandestine communication, where words are transmitted beneath the radar and in the shadowy confines of the electromagnetic spectrum.

1.   Sleeper Agent 4:46
2.   Numbers Station 4:35
3.   NNN German 7:45
4.   Enigma G03 4:31
5.   Encoded 14:05
6.   Spektrvm 13:47

1.   Shortwaves 41:51

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