Don’t Fuck with the Angels


CD Plastic Sleeve (MUZA 05 CD ) - MUZAMUZA

Very sucesfull combination of reverberant atmospherics, SPK style industrial sounds ...
An excellent collage with child singing, tapes growling, delayed noises, flute, drones, preapared guitar ambience, celestial choirs ...
A wide range of intense, ritual, psychedelic from deep to beating sounds !

The CD comes inside a silkscreened plastic sleeve with a series of cards and is hand numbered.

Tracklist :
1 (A.V.R.) Aural Vaccination Rush 7:29
2 Open Door 4:00
3 Fear Of Snakes 9:36
4 Don't Fuck With The Angels 8:32
5 Snog Snag 11:21
6 Dumb Song 4:26
7 Drone Nose 17:07

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