Music on a Short Thin Wire


CD Jewel Box (GF015 ) - GROUND FAULT

Brandon LaBelle is a sound artist and writer from Los Angeles. Working in the field of sound- performance- and installation-art since 1992, LaBelle's work aims to draw attention to the dynamics of sound as it is found within spaces and objects, public events and interactions, language and the body.

For this release Brandon was stealing and manipulating noise from other releases out on Groud Foult, a very experimental album.

1 Blank (0:07)
2 Icki Beats The Stones Of The Threshold (7:53)
3 Meter Sickness Sporadic Spectra (8:38)
4 Axene Eutecitc (6:44)
5 Stop Listening Hot Action Sexy Karaoke (15:17)

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