Distressed Signals


CD Digipack (TESCO 048) - TESCO

US-based Cruelty Campaign utilizes site recordings, found sounds, and interviews to create musical atmospheres and harsh soundscapes that are both beautiful and disquieting. Their diverse pallette draws upon the overlooked and the extraordinary... The creaking of docks in stockholm, a domestic arguement in berlin, the clattering of an escalator, and even the humming and clicking of Roger "Cold Meat Industry" Karmanik's refrigerator.
The cinematic quality of their music is a logical extension of their day jobs- Scott creates digital visual FX for movies, and John produces documentaries on old movie stars for cable television.

Tracklist :
1 Arrival 4:44
2 Scanner Darkly 7:15
3 The Arguement 7:00
4 Distressed Signals 4:18
5 Voice Of World Control 5:00
6 Sound #5 / Spin Cycle 6:54
7 Vaht Guya 4:43
8 Colder Death Now 8:34
9 Misty 6:46

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