Limited Edition 300 copies


  • Dead man circling
  • Abacus
  • Aria/Acqua
  • Curses

Naevus return with their much-anticipated 8th studio album, their first since 2012's critically acclaimed 'The Division of Labour'.
Written & recorded over a period of four years, 'Curses' is the first studio album to feature the songwriting partnership of founding member Lloyd James with multi-instrumentalist and producer Ben McLees (This is Radio Silence, SonVer, DISCONNECTS and full-time Naevus member since 2012).

'Curses' features James' most introspective & personal lyrics to date, taking the listener on a hallucinatory and existentialist journey through questions of place and self.
The music throughout sees the trademark Naevus sound (James' distinctive vocal delivery, rhythmic acoustic guitar and primal drums) expanded by McLees' instrumental work, arrangements and production; resulting in the most sonically complex and at times times atmospheric Naevus record so far.

James and McLees are joined on this release by longstanding Naevus drummer Hunter Barr (KnifeLadder, Altered States), guitarist Peter Yates of Fields of the Nephilim, who adds EBow guitar to 'Dead Man Circling'; and Retarder drummer Alla Sol, who contributes backing vocals to two of the album's nine tracks.

Highlights are live favourites 'Aria/Acqua' (featured here as a different version to that released on the 2014 EP 'Backsaddling'), late-night horror story 'Dead Man Circling', the acid-flashback of 'Abacus' and the 6-minute title track & album centrepiece, which finds James delivering a dark & sinister sermon over the song's claustrophobic and insistent maelstrom.

An OEC / WOODEN LUNG co-release.
Limited to 300 copies.

1. The Wall in the Sun
2. Dead Man Circling
3. Abacus
4. Heart Fell Foul
5. Aria/Acqua
6. Curses
7. The Pit
8. Odour
9. Surface

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