Cycling Between Sun and Moon



THE EARTH KING was born in 2011 as a brother of "DEAD MAN'S HILL".
Singing with Kargyraa vocals (traditional throat singing), he describes the beauty and the balance of the Cosmos, the planets, the stars and of our Mother Earth.
These messages and informations are carried by ritual black ambient atmospheres, regularly bordering on black metal terrain, combined with church organs, flutes, guitars and electronics.
For this release, The Earth King joins forces with his older brother Dead Man's Hill to create an intense journey, which lead us from the forest to right into the thinner places
unseen on and inside of our Mother Earth.
Musicwise, this album offers you a powerful blend of ritual black ambient bordering on black metal domain.
A must have for intense and experimental black ambient / black metal lovers.

Tracklist :
1. House of Shadows
2. Autumn Temple
3. Entering the Black Hole of Infinity
4. Doodstrotseerder
5. The End of Salve Mater
6. Cycling between Sun and Moon

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