Found Noises


CD Jewel Box (Raub 002) - RAUBBAU

The group is in the Nyköping / Oxelösund region of Sweden (Megaptera, the Protagonist, Morthound ...) .
However, one crucial missing link of this micro-scene has been overlooked, and not given the deserved recognition.
Mikael Svensson, founding member of MEGAPTERA, also did his own project DEAF MACHINE but it vanished without leaving many traces behind.
Besides a couple of wildly obscure self-released tapes, the only other artifacts were contributions to seminal compilations such as "In the Butcher's Backyard" (CMI) and "Death Odors" (Slaughter Prod.).
"Found Noises", contains one of the tapes, two tracks culled from compilations, and one
previously unreleased track.
The similarity with Megaptera lies in the frequent use of voice samples from movies and news broadcasts, but whereas Megaptera relies on a method of pounding machine rhythms, Deaf Machine opted for a subtler approach that is more based on textures and
The mix of muffled voice fragments, disjointed rhythm loops, and crude, bass-heavy synth-noises sound unlike anything else that came out of sweden at the time.
A unique and very intriguing sound !

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