CD Jewel Box (Run 0101) -

The Blue Hour blends traditional folk melodies with haunting ambience and some classical structures.
The overall sound is hard to define, but creates an otherworldy and hypnotic effect.
The songs are generally arranged around some organic sounds, on top of which are leyered keyboards, classical and steel stringed guitars, mandolin, flutes, chimes and ethereal vocals.

1  The Navigator     3:35
2  Eyes Of Nature     3:18
3  A Tree Stands Alone     3:19
4  A Garden In Winter     4:38
5  I Am The Wind     4:02
6  Mirror Of October     2:51
7  My Lady Upon Silvery Pool     4:19
8  Procession Of The Sun     6:17
9  Silence My Dress     3:40
10  Lex Talionis     4:02
11  Temple Of Ice     4:59
12  This Path     5:28
13  Red Sands     3:49

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