Soul Meshes

LUX ANODYCA [Kirlian Camera]



  • Albategnius
  • Dark Passenger
  • Fix Fax Fox
  • Games at Rhodary

Debut release by this new Italian project around KIRLIAN CAMERA.
Lux Anodyca was set up in 2006 by Redux and his wife Claudia Morel.
Redux is a member of Kirlian Camera since 2007, you might have discovered Lux Anodyca on the excellent 3-CD box “Odyssey Europa” by Kirlian Camera.
And of course the master is inspiring the follower, Lux Anodyca sometimes sounds pretty Kirlian Camera-like but at the other hand, they for sure explore wider fields.
Lux Anodyca is also diving into the realms of experimental music, gothic ballads, noir-cabaret and minimal electronics, which definitely confirms the very open-minded way of composing.
Think at something like a mix of Kirlian Camera vs. David E. Williams ...
Like a Noir movie soundtrack and songs singed by drunken singers.

Tracklist :
01. Games at Rhodary
02. Mary on the Floor
03. Angel's Bolero
04. Walakee
05. Fix Fax Fox
06. Coroner's Sun
07. Albategnius
08. Hostel of Sould
09. Dark Passenger
10. Mister Redman

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