Vanity is a Sin!



Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre returns with a trip through the church rectory and out into arctic carnivals.
The ever-expanding orchestra - still featuring the female guiles of Karen S. Langlie (cello) and Melissey Castevet (backing vocals) - includes the new additions of Gerard Paul Powers (bass), Eric Dahlman (trumpet) and guest appearances from members of O Paradis and Comando Suzie.
With the kraut disco of "Tierlexikon", the space-age ragtime of "In The Poppy Fields" or the piano and Hammond-laden "Iron Gate", the discerning listener will be driven to bouts of ecstasy.
Even includes two covers: the swing hit "Bei Mir Bist Du Schön" (Charlie and his Orchestra), and the acoustic "Sunday With Jacky" (The Can't/Stanton Meadowdale).
Let's stroll through the poppy fields...let's sin!

1. Is Vanity a Sin?
2. Iron Gate
3. Tierlexikon
4. The Clown is Dead
5. Balaustine
6. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
7. Children in the Fall
8. Intermezzo di Paganini
9. Sunday with Jacky - mp3
10. Mis Mil Sueños de la Bruja - mp3
11. One Step up to Heaven
12. You See its Fingernails
13. ¡Vanity is a Sin! - mp3
14. In the Poppy Fields

BONUS mp3s:
1. The Edison Elephant
2. John Singleton Copley
3. Henry Pelham (live)
4. The Crumbs are the Cure (live)
5. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön REPRISE (live)
6. Raab
7. Tierlexikon (acoustic English version)

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