Limited Edition 300 copies

IANVA can't remain silent for the Centenary of the Rijeka Enterprise.
The prompt response assumes the “archaic” form of a 7" vinyl record.
“1919” is a self-explanatory title which anticipates both, form and content.
An unusual duet in which the two voices of IANVA take on the responsibility of embodying the eternal duality between unrealistic idealism on the one hand and cynical fatalism on the other, which seems to connote the Italian national soul.
Contrast that on the back the high and steady voice of Commander D'Annunzio sums up and understands in itself.
As befits any self-respecting God, in the decisive moment, he connects and embodies every dualism and every complexity.
The famous oration "Disobbedisco!", A true psychic manifesto of that amazing year which - despite the titles of D'Annunzio's debut par excellence - the band had never dared to touch, finally materializes.
This is thanks to the kind collaboration of a new partner: Edoardo Sylos Labini, who for almost a decade has magnificently embodied the poet on the stages of Italy.

Limited edition of 300 copies

A.  1919
B.  Disobbedisco! (Featuring Edoardo Sylos Labini)

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